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Signalfireartists - Signalfireartists concentrates on the visual, artistic development, and artist portfolios in gallery exhibitions— we display it all.


"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” – Pablo Picasso

Signalfireartists concentrates on the visual, artistic development, and artist portfolios in gallery exhibitions— we display it all.


Kabul Evacuation

Type of art: Photography

Artist: © Courtesy Defense One and Reutersrtesy of Defense One/Reuters

About: On 8/15/21 The date of the fall of Kabul, desperate people pack on one of the U.S. evacuation planes.  Others were killed hanging onto landing gear and the outside of the plane. "Military evacuation flight shown in photo packed with Afghans carried a record number of people." ( "Inside Reach 871, A US C-17 Packed With 640 Afghans Trying to Escape the Taliban" - Defense One



Type of art: Painting

Dimensions: 1280x901px 912.03 KB

Materials: FUJIFILM Model: FinePix JX400


Artist: Giulio Giordano

About: "He gets a High School Diploma at the 'art school'. He founds the art workshop called “Fabrica Artis” for the realization of videos, mosaics, painting, trompe-l’oeil. He carries out more than 80 graffiti on the national territory. He lives and works in Potenza. (Italy)"- Giulio Giordano

Buy: Untitled Painting 


I am Speaking, Are You Listening?

Type of art: Sculpture, Afrofuturism

Artist: Wangechi Mutu


Yes, there is genius here. Wangechi Mutu: I Am Speaking, Are You Listening?


Exhibit: Exhibition through November 7, 2021. Legion of Honor museum: Lincoln Park \ 100 34th Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94121 \ 415.750.3600 \ Hours: Tuesdays – Sundays, 9:30 am – 5:15 pm Wangechi Mutu: I Am Speaking, Can You Hear Me? | Legion of Honor ( 

Comment: Some of her pieces are disturbing. But good art also forces you to look at something profound and tragic when you absolutely do not want to. It's still necessary. Now more than ever.  She is hot in gallery circles for a reason.


Photo: Washington Post/Legion of Honor Museum, San Francisco, CA 94121

George Redhawk Animated GIFs Tutt'Art_ (24).gif

The World Through My Eyes

Type of art: Moving image/animation

Artist: George Redhawk


"It’s an artistic expression of the confusion I go through with my vision loss", Redhawk told The Creators Project. "Not enough data getting sent to the brain, and it tries to fill in the blanks with false information, so you can’t trust what your eyes or brain are telling you". See more: George Redhawk | Surrealist Animated GIFs Art | Tutt'Art@ | Pittura • Scultura • Poesia • Musica (

Comment:  George Redhawk lost his vision years ago and began working at the forefront of visual movement in images.

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