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“Try not to become a man of success, but rather become a man of value.” —Albert Einstein

News and events are always happening. Artists of all genres are right there to express them via Art, Music, Photography, Video, or sometimes just notes to fans.  Behind the scenes at every disaster is someone's eye.

Shadow on Concrete Wall



Title: President Trump's Border Wall 8/22/21

Genre: Photography

Author/artist: © Photo: Fernando Sobrazo/AP/Rex 

Additional Info: "Flood gates on the border wall blown open by monsoon rains near San Bernardino Ranch in Arizona."      -Washington Post

Link to similar articleArizona: Trump's border wall already falling down after flash floods | Metro News 

Shadow on Concrete Wall



Title: Afghanistan is not the Country the Taliban Last Ruled

Genre: Article

Author/artist: Khaled Hosseini 

Additional Info: Besides the article, look into this author. He has wrritten two best-selling books set in Afghanistan: The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns. Both top notch.

Article: The article is especially interesting because it shows the strides made in 20 years; it was not for naught. In 2001, he states, 900k students were in school, mostly boys. In 2020, 9.5 million were in school, including girls. These children grew up to become software engineers and have other careers. 

Shadow on Concrete Wall



Title: Haitians return to quake-damaged churches, Gangs offer aid

Author/artist: By Evens Sanon and Marko Alvarez Associated Press

Additional Info: First the assassination of their president, then a two-year state of emergency declared by the new Prime Minister, Claude Joseph, with military control, then a 7.2 earthquake that "killed at least 2,207 people, according to Haiti's Civil Protection Agency. It also says 12,268 people were injured and nearly 53,000 houses destroyed."- SFGate 

Shadow on Concrete Wall

Help Wanted


Title: Now Hiring

Genre: Photography

About: "On Main Street in Memphis, small businesses are strapped by a labor shortage."- Washington Post

Author/Artist: Article By Annie Gowen; photographer Bonnie Jo Mount

Additional Info: Post-pandemic many chose not to go back to their former positions. Others held out for continuing remote work. Also on the table was a national minimum wage hike to $15/hr. A labor shortage made no sense accompanied by a high unemployment rate. 

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