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Jon Batiste- Musical Genius

Julliard graduate; band leader on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert; OSCAR winner- what can this man NOT do? His newest album, We Are, is a collection of the most soulful, joyful, meaningful songs out there. His live performances are legendary in raising the roof.  At the piano he becomes one with music. Watch his videos, but don't miss out on his quiet, amazing piano performances.


*All work © Jon Batiste & 2021 Naht Jona, LLC, under exclusive license to Verve Label Group, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.  Videos and code with permission of YouTube.

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Watch the way this video is extraordinary- with rhythm, with metaphor, with Jon using his views of the New Orleans he grew up in.

This is pure joy in motion. I was introduced to him through this video and then grabbed my hands on everything I could find. Liked it better without the lyrics, but they inserted lyrics in every version. Just watch in awe.

This is Jon's latest version of his song "Sing." The original was a very simple video. This one features Tori Kelly per Jon's wishes.  It's a beautiful uplifting song. He has that about him- he's an extraordinarily uplifting person.

I'm not putting Jon's "We Are" song here. It is a fantastic song- the highlight of the album and I urge you to get his CD. I will link to "We Are."  But I want you to see him at the piano playing something different. Watch/Listen to him play this well known song and completely make it his own. This version is so beautiful it can bring tears. It's nothing short of genius.

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