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Jon Batiste can do no Wrong

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

A Julliard graduate, Jazz piano maestro, and musical director for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Jon Batiste has really come into his own with the release of his new album, We Are. He also just happened to win an OSCAR for a song he collaborated on for the movie Soul. Colbert really had an eye when he plucked this genius from New Orleans. There is not a bad song on his new album and I dare you not to move your body to some part of it. Highlights are a song he raps on, an uncredited recording of Mavis Staples, We Are as an anthem for every living being, and Freedom. But each song will get you in a different way. Don't miss his video online for I Need You too. Pure joy.

In addition to performing as Bandleader for Stephen Colbert, Jon is playing dates around the world now and each performance is so high energy audiences have even taken to the streets with him after the show. Singing and dancing, you'll think he's made of joy. Look into some of his old stuff on YouTube and you will also see with one woeful look, his expressive face can convey just about anything to the audience.

In the recent (9/19/21) Emmy Ceremony, Jon was chosen to perform with Leon Bridges for the In Memoriam portion of the show. On the red carpet, take a careful look at his custom suit: it's made up completely of pictures of the devastation from Hurricane Katrina for his home town of New Orleans. Only Jon Batiste would think of something like that. Sit back and enjoy everything this man does during his career.

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The video for his song Freedom, set in New Orleans with all the sights, sounds, and meanings you can expect from this kind of expertise.

The live version of Freedom, complete with recording of Mavis Staples.

Jon Batiste with his custom suit honoring New Orleans after Katrina on the red carpet at the Emmys.

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