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On Genius

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

Signalfireartists - On Genius

On Genius and Bits of Brilliance

Genius makes you sit up and feel, whether it's a brief flash or a lifetime. Artists contribute significantly to our lives in myriad ways. With that in mind, this website and related social media support and champion bits of brilliance in art and artists of any genre, innovation, science, tech, humor, and people just being people. This website curates. We don't charge. We hope it will inspire you. Genius is not always what we want it to be. Genius is not always a nice person, not always untroubled, not always easy to get along with, often stubborn, often hyper-focused, often extremely individualistic, sometimes with sad endings. On the other hand, brilliance is brilliance. We light up when genius shines and are lucky enough sometimes to be in the presence of that kind of gift from those who benefit or suffer from it. We want to support people while they are still here.

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