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Why Art Matters

Recent Political Cartoons from the USA Today Gallery. We are at a critical time

in America. Voice through media, voice through art, through podcasts, through writing,

through music, through communication in any way is so important, as are the hearts and minds of US citizens and yes, global citizens.

Do not fake "back to normal" when on a precipice. And we are, my friends. We are. Click the link and look at all of them. There are a variety of issues, perspectives, and important points being made in each one using the ancient form of humor. It's why the Fool in the times of Kingdoms was the only one who could survive telling truth to power.

Then remember, political cartoonists have actually been murdered for speaking up. Never forget. Not everyone in this world has the freedom to communicate. Whoever you are, never forget yours.

Link: September political cartoon gallery from the USA TODAY Network (

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