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“When you can do a common thing in an uncommon way; you will command the attention of the world”
– George Washington Carver

Videos aren't exclusively music videos. Art, nature, athletics, gaming, inspiration, instruction, YouTube, Twitch, & Tik Tok all make use of videos in interesting ways. Artistic videos needn't even have sound.  Sometimes we just watch in awe.  Visual arts and artists using visual development carry on a tradition that started thousands of years ago.  A video gallery is an exhibition of surprise; a portfolio of hidden gems. Look at life from a different perspective and be all the better for it.

Cement Eclipses

Genre: Social Commentary

Artist: Isaac Cordal

Comment: From his famous series, now updated, Follow the Leader.  A picture similar to this is often passed around the internet, popularly titled Politicians Discussing Global Warming. In August, 2021, the International Committee on Climate Change published a report that the press and government labeled as "Code Red" for the Earth. 

The World Through My Eyes

Genre: Moving image, animation

Artist: George Redhawk

Artist comment: "It’s an artistic expression of the confusion I go through with my vision loss", Redhawk told The Creators Project. "Not enough data getting sent to the brain, and it tries to fill in the blanks with false information, so you can’t trust what your eyes or brain are telling you".- George Redhawk

Additional Commentary: George Redhawk lost his vision many years ago. Since then he became one of the artists on the forefront of moving images. Have not heard from him lately, so we hope he is okay.


Time Lapse Mural

Genre: Mural Painting

Artist: I am Detour

Artist comment: "Recently I was able to paint a mural in the north end neighborhood of Detroit Michigan. This was an exciting time because I was also organizing the festival. Hopefully, this gives a little insight into my process. I was experimenting with adding fabric to my composition as well as working on painting hands and limbs my work. It was definitely one of the toughest textures of brick to work on but it taught me a lot." 


Genre: Documentary

Artist: Val Kilmer

Comment: Val Kilmer started videoing before anyone else. His collection of work makes an interesting and heartfelt self-portrait. Premiered and celebrated at Cannes. This is the trailer. Entire movie is free with Amazon Prime.


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